About us

Acutiz ApS

Reg. No. 34594686 Founded June 18, 2012

Jernbanegade 19

9000 Aalborg, Denmark

Persons involved:

Pia Lykke Bertelsen

Owner, product innovation and sales – +45 20889840 – Lykke@acutiz.com

The company’s aim:

is doing business with the development and creation of partnerships around products and services to the Beauty business and to the Medical device industry.

Core values include:

To create a business that does not compromise in developing skin care products with skin and environmentally friendly components which have a real and good effect.


Is to create a global company that is leading in the development of skin care products


  • Starts to work with well-known and effective products based on Colostrum Complex and HA (Hyaluronic acid from Novozymes, etc.)
  • We need to develop a range of products that others will market
  • We must ensure that our customers and distributors receive the products they expected
  • We need to build a new line with a new look with some statements that others will market

In summary:

ACUTIZ will develop skin care products with knowledge and heart.

High quality products based on organic Colostrum Complex and organic oil of first pressing. No fillers and only one system preservative for:




The Charitable Cooperative Bank, Bispensgade 16,1. DK9000 Aalborg


BDO Scanrevision, Claus Brix